Learn to Apply These 7 Pillars and You Can Achieve a Balanced, Happy and Fulfilled Life.


Faith is the foundation of the philosophies you adopt, it’s what you believe inside the deepest part of your being. This will impact your perception, focus, and reaction to everything in life. It’s important to have a strong positive faith. God has given each of us the gift of faith and we need to focus on this gift and develop it. The healthier our personal faith is, the easier it will be to overcome the limitations that life throws at you



This represents the most intimate and closest people in our life. Usually blood related, like a spouse, sibling, or parent, but not necessarily. It can even be a friend that you live with or someone you visit with almost every day. It’s critical that you invest in these core family relationships the right way. It takes work and these relationships should never be taken for granted. You need to be an active contributor to the group’s overall well-being, so your time and attention will be valued. This will also create a healthy foundation for your life. Everyone needs people that can be a refuge for them to interact with and find love, healing, and strength to conquer life.


This represents your health. The more effective you are in this area, the healthier you will be and longer you will live. Your health and physique greatly impacts your self-image and confidence. It can also help you build your influence because healthy people tend to exude more positive energy of accomplishment which others are attracted to. Extend your life by learning what it means to eat clean, get those endorphins going and feel happier.


You deserve to have a life of unlimited resources and options. You need to think beyond “just getting by” or “Just taking care of yourself” Learning to take care of your own finances so well, so that you can even help bless other people too can add a tremendous amount of fulfillment to your life. Learn how to reach financial goals. You deserve to be a lender of resources and not a borrower. Many times when people don’t have enough money to meet all their needs, money can be all they think about. It’s like being in survival mode. Once this is no longer an issue, you can put these concerns behind you and start focusing on more important things in life.


Your social life is another critical part to creating a life of fulfillment. Who you hang out with and spend time with will also influence your self-image, and control what direction your life is headed in. They say you become the average of the 5 people you hang around with most. Learn how to surround yourself with friends who add vale to your life. Also learn how to rid your life of toxic relationships. This will cut down on how long it will take you to reach your goals and fast track you to the life you desire.


Learn to have a place within humanity and the community around you. These are the people beyond your closest friends. If you want fulfillment, It’s important to be community oriented. To think about others and not just yourself. To do more for others and give back. Learn to be driven by a powerful cause. Legacies are created by individuals who do their part to make this world a better place.


You can’t be too serious throughout life. Your life cannot be all about work and goals  Sometimes you need to just let loose and enjoy yourself. Laugh. Be a dork and have a good time! Coming up on Sal Leto 360, you will discover ideas on how to create a life full of adventure and also get access to some hilarious episodes! Sal Leto believes that a day without laughter is a day without life.

By learning to focus on these 7 pillars, you will create a life of balance and peace. You will have more joy, more purpose, and make your life fulfilling.


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