Business Owner. Public Speaker. Family Man.

Salvatore “Sal” Leto came from humble beginnings. Born in Los Angeles, CA to teenage parents who separated shortly after, then growing up in Compton, CA, during the city’s most notoriously dangerous times, Sal Leto was exposed to impoverished and oppressed communities at an early age.

In seeing the struggles people lived with, along with the saving grace of his step mother taking him in as her very own, & showing him unconditional love and compassion for others, Sal knew he wanted to make a difference in the communities around him. He also knew he wouldn’t be able to help others unless he started with his own life. In order to create the life he wanted, he knew he would have to go outside of his immediate surroundings and influences. At 18 years old, while being homeless, he decided he wanted to become an entrepreneur. He knew this was one of the most effective ways to create a flexible schedule, live life on his own terms and make enough money where he wasn’t just getting by but creating enough wealth to be able to give back and help the people he wanted to help.

For starters, he knew he had to find ways to stop trading his time for money. He needed leverage. He also needed more time freedom, so he could focus on his goals. Through changing the way he viewed himself and his life’s purpose, reading books about success, and learning to take advice from people who had what he wanted, Sal got the motivation to “go for it” on his own. He started to build a life that allowed him to work when he wanted to, where he wanted to, and with whom he wanted. As he continued to improve his belief system, he found the confidence he needed to get to where he wanted to go.

While attempting to create income in many different fields, Sal lived through the trials and errors of developing many different business ideas. He discovered that even when his attempts to create a successful business would fail, he was gaining valuable real-life experience. This realization motivated him to keep going, no matter what. Supported by goal setting, hard work, and constant evaluation. Sal finally had success in network marketing, real estate investing, and ecommerce.

Sal has travelled and spoken on stages around the world including North America, South America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East & most of Asia. He has coached and trained thousands of people on success and growth principles. He believes in the importance of having a winning attitude, knowing your self-worth, while focusing on a life of balance will lead you to an ultimate life that’s fulfilled.

While Sal is still spending part of his time on real estate and his ecommerce businesses, his focus is sharing his message of transformation and fulfillment. As he continues his personal growth and life-long commitment helping others grow and develop, his goal is to impact & add value to as many people as possible. Sal Leto 360 shares the hard-won success principles Sal has experienced so far. Sal Leto believes we can all learn a lot from each other. Sal Leto 360 will create a community that allows many different people from all different backgrounds in life to network, share, and learn from one another. Sal Leto 360 is an insider track to finding a fulfilled life through his seven pillars. He encourages you to go all in with the teachings you will find on this site and through the episodes. Remember that determination along with patience will serve you well on your journey. It’s about progress, not perfection! Sal Leto desires nothing more than people finding value, laughter, and growth through Sal Leto 360.


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