As a Man Thinketh by James Allen was written in 1903 and considered the first self-help book following the bible.  Allen’s title was actually influenced by a verse from Proverbs, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” He described his book as “A book that will help you to help yourself”, “A pocket companion for thoughtful people”, and “A book on the power and right application of thought.”

If you are new to reading as a way to expand your thinking and realize that directing your thoughts is the most important way to help determine your future, or if you just need a little attitude adjustment refresher, As a Man Thinketh is a great little book you can easily read in one sitting.

“As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.”

This title quote represents the foundation of the self-help movement. You become what you think about. If you have stinkin’ thinkin’ you won’t get very far. If you refuse to think negatively in the face of adversity you will go far and accomplish much!

“Until thought is linked with purpose there is no intelligent accomplishment”

This is a big one in the 7 Pillars because accomplishing your vision is a key to living a fulfilled life. Linking thought to accomplishment is key.

“That strength can only be developed by effort and practice”

WOW, this is so true. We know what happens when you consistently do the correct exercises in the gym. This applies to mental strength as well as to physical strength.  Effort and practice guided by proper thought is the key.

Only surround yourself with positive people and influences, avoid the news whenever possible (all negative anyway), set goals and keep your thoughts focused on what you want in your life, do the work required, and you are on your way to a fulfilled life! I can truly say that continued study and practice helped me get my career launched with a balanced perspective and that is why we are starting with this subject in our first blog.