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Sal Leto Took His Childhood Struggles and Used Them as Motivation to Be a Successful Adult

What principles drive your life?

Are you more of a victim or a victor?

Many of us are so busy with life’s distractions while barely scraping by that we lose valuable time being able to focus on what’s important to us. My message isn’t some get rich quick plan (although financial success is part of it). It’s about creating a balanced life plan. A plan that will lead you to more than just happiness or money. This content will create lasting fulfillment in your life. Everything I’ll be sharing comes from the changes I’ve created in my own life.

This is what lead me to identifying the 7 Pillars I was focusing on in order to achieve the life I wanted.  As Sal Leto 360 launches in early 2019, I’ll be sharing valuable content to help you balance these same critical pillars of life. Once you subscribe, every week you’ll start receiving my exclusive content for free. When you start to focus more on these 7 Pillars together, with the intention of mastering them, you will begin to conquer your own life and create fulfillment. A life with purpose, love, and satisfaction, while knowing you are making a difference in other people’s lives as well. But it starts with your own!


I can’t wait to begin working with you!

Sal Leto

From the Shoulders of Giants…

We not only learn from the people before us, but we build upon it, each generation of mankind advancing in thought and knowledge. This series is devoted to the earliest thinkers, educators and motivators who used the printed word to influence millions of current and future entrepreneurs.


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